Featured Kitchen: Hour Cucina in Boynton Beach, Florida

We would like to introduce you to a brand new commercial kitchen for rent in Boynton Beach, Florida. Meet Hour Cucina located at 411 South Federal Highway.

Hour Cucina 1 Hour Cucina 2

Hour Cucina offers a convenient, clean and brand new facility equipped with a large variety of all your food preparation and cooking needs. The facility is available to rent 24/7 – 365 days a year.

Kitchen features include:

• 2 Imperial Gas Ranges and Ovens
• 4 Imperial Double Stacked Convection Ovens
• 3.5-quart and 7-quart Kitchen Aid mixers
• 2 10-quart mixers (Vollrath and Advantico)
• 1 20-quart mixer (Globe) with dough hook, meat grinder and paddle attachments
• Flexible work space with 9 Stainless steel work tables (1 with marble top for pastry, dough and candy making)
• Vitamix Commercial Blender
• Robot Coupe R2 Processor with 3-quart bowl
• Locked dry storage (additional fee)
• Reach in refrigerator/freezer (optional fee for storage)

Hour Cucina 3 Hour Cucina 4

“Our focus is on providing a fully equipped, commercially licensed, shared use commissary kitchen. While designed with chefs, bakers, and specialty food makers in mind, we are flexible enough to support smaller uses as well.”

(source: hourcucina.com)

Hour Cucina is located close to I-95 and offers overnight parking for mobile food vendors. Feel at ease cooking at this facility with state-of-the-art video surveillance cameras and a brightly lit parking lot.

Hour Cucina 5 Hour Cucina 6

Want to Cook It Here?

Hour Cucina has long-term and short-term rental options at competitive rates. The kitchen is available 24/7 and can also be used for anything from preparing for a large party, to practicing for culinary school exams, to teaching a cooking class.

Hour Cucina offers a unique program for businesses who have outgrown the State of Florida Cottage Industry regulations and need a commercial kitchen to continue to expand their businesses called Cottage to Commercial. Please contact them through the Cook It Here website for more information.

Click here to visit Hour Cucina’s kitchen listing on the Cook It Here website. There, you will find additional information about the kitchen as well as contact information.

You can also visit www.hourcucina.com for more details and to submit your application for booking.

Happy cooking!

Hour Cucina 7 Hour Cucina 8

Hour Cucina
411 South Federal Highway
Boynton Beach, FL, United States


Featured Kitchen: East End Incubator Kitchens at 4th Street Market

If you’re looking for a commercial kitchen for rent in Orange County, California, look no further than the East End Incubator Kitchens at 4th Street Market in Santa Ana.

East End Incubator Kitchen 2

4th Street Market is home to ten fully equipped, commercial kitchen spaces for rent. The East End Incubator Kitchens are ideally designed for artisanal and small-scale food production, personal chefs and caterers.

Kitchen Details

East End Incubator Kitchens offer six traditional kitchen facilities, three dedicated solely to gluten free products and one specifically for confectionary work. These commercial kitchens may be rented by the hour, day, or month.

  • Main Kitchen Features
    Refer/Prep Station
    Freezer/Prep station
    Hand Sink
    3‐Compartment Sink
    Prep Sink
    Work Table
    Tilt Kettle ‐ 12 gallon
    Tilt Kettle ‐ 40 gallon
    Stand Mixer ‐ 30 qt
    Combi Steamer/Oven
    Gas Convection Oven
    Speed Racks
    6‐Burner Range Convection Base
    Stock Burner
    Blast Chiller
    Convection Steamer
    Smoker (hot/cold)
  • Gluten Free Kitchen Features
    Refer/Prep Station
    Freezer/Prep station
    Hand Sink
    3‐Compartment Sink
    Prep Sink
    Work Table
    Stand Mixer ‐ 30 qt
    Combi Steamer/Oven
    Gas Convection Oven
    Speed Racks
    4‐Burner Range Convection Base
  • Confectioner Kitchen Features
    Hand Sink
    3‐Compartment Refer/Prep Station
    Freezer/Prep station
    Shelving Sink
    Prep Sink
    Work Table
    Induction Burners
    Chocolate Tempering Machine
    Granite Counters

East End Incubator Kitchen 3

The East End Kitchens are available for rent 24/7 and must be scheduled in advance. For your convenience, an online reservation system is used for booking space in the rental kitchens.

About 4th Street Market

At 4th Street Market, you’ll find crowds enjoying a wide variety of food choices and the “best patio in Orange County” voted by OC Weekly. This is a place where “food creators come to learn and grow and foodies enjoy the fruits of that labor.”

4th Street Market Santa Ana

In addition to the restaurants and kitchens, you’ll also find the FOODBEAST Kitchen & Studio at 4th Street Market. FOODBEAST Kitchen & Studio is a multi-functional space designed for a range of activities from book signings to cooking classes and demos to photography and filming.

Foodbeast Kitchen Studio

Want to Cook It Here?

East End Incubator Kitchen 1

Click here to view the East End Incubator Kitchens listing on the Cook It Here website. There, you will find additional information about the kitchen as well as contact information.

You can also visit their website at http://www.4thstreetmarket.com/east-end-incubator-commercial-kitchen/.

East End Incubator Commercial Kitchens
201 E 4th St
Santa Ana, CA 92701



Four Tips for Effective Inventory Management

Inventory ManagementEarly in a food company’s life cycle, managing inventory of ingredients and packaging is one of the trickiest elements of the job. The temptation is often to over-purchase.  It seems appealing at first because of the lower price per unit and the lower per-unit shipping cost.  But these savings can be quickly eroded by increased storage costs and spoilage.  On the other hand, not having enough on hand to meet a new customer’s order can lead to the loss of a sale.

So what should one do? Well, a few nuggets that drive our inventory management practices at The Kitchen Coop are summarized below:

  • Understand Supplier Lead Times – Once you have found that perfect supplier (your “A” team), with the best price and best quality, you need to understand their capabilities. How quickly can they respond to your needs?  How do they manage their own inventory?  Do they keep ample supplies of the item(s) you regularly need? Do they make to order?  You need to know the answers to these questions and, most of all, you need to know the supplier is going to be reliable when they tell you what the turn-around time will be.  Once you know what the supplier can provide and how long it takes them, you can plan properly.   And most important, you won’t promise a new customer an order in three weeks, when your supplier can’t get you an ingredient in fewer than four weeks.
  • Have a Local Alternative Supplier – You’ll be much better prepared if you have a backup “B” supplier that is local.  Often there is a local supplier of an ingredient or packaging element that you’ve passed over because they charge more than the one you’ve chosen (your “A”) supplier.  Maybe this “B” supplier can’t deliver in the quantity you need or maybe they’re just too expensive.   But if they can deliver immediately when the “A” team can’t or won’t, make sure you have a relationship with them.  Buy from them from time to time just to build some loyalty.  That way, the day you call desperate for an overnight delivery, they’ll be there for you.
  • Fail to Plan Equals Plan to Fail – A forecast is just an educated guess of where sales are heading in the next two to three months.  But that educated guess gives you something to run your recipe against so that you can estimate how much of each material might be needed. Forecasting is most useful if done and updated regularly, say once a month for the next 3 months.  That way, you’ve gotten to review each forecast at least two or three times and gradually you will get better at doing it. From the forecast, you can work backward using the lead times to know when to place the orders for how much. That is key to reducing the stress of last minute purchasing is proper forecasting.
  • Manage Inventory “Perpetually”  – Traditional accounting practices called for taking a physical inventory periodically and then working back into what was consumed in the prior period. Although in some ways that sounds simple, it is also time consuming and error prone.  Instead, we suggest that you track your inventory constantly by accurately recording each change in inventory that you make.  Whether you are taking raw materials out of storage and creating new finished goods during a production run; or depleting your store of finished goods and packaging with each and every shipment, if you record inventory changes as they occur, you’ll find that in the end it is not only far less cumbersome, but it also delivers you much more accurate information for decisions.   If you follow this practice, then the time-consuming full physical inventory counts can be done monthly or quarterly to reconcile any discrepancies and true up in time for the creation of the next shopping list.

The Kitchen Coop® is a new model for the food manufacturing industry. Combining a state-of-the-art food manufacturing space and equipment with industry professionals, and supplemental shared services The Kitchen Coop support small and mid-sized food companies become profitable and effective organizations.

Our facility is a third party audited 22,000 square foot space consisting of six production and two packaging rooms; dry, refrigerated, and frozen warehousing; with an office and event space. Take a video tour of our space or contact us directly info@the-kitchen-coop.com.

Featured Commercial Kitchen for Rent in Cranford, NJ

We would like to introduce you to CEC Research’s state-of-the-art kitchen facility located in Cranford, New Jersey at 16 Commerce Drive. This brand-new commercial kitchen is available to rent for daily use.

Commercial Kitchen for Rent Cranford NJ

Kitchen features include:

2 commercial refrigerators – 2 commercial freezers – 12 ft. hood – Quick disconnects for gas equipment – 50 outlets on their own circuit for microwaves, blenders, etc. – Commercial water purification system – Commercial ice maker – 3 compartment sink – Hand sink – 8 1200 watt microwaves – 2 Vulcan ovens with 6 burners each – Heavy duty deep fat fryer – Salandar broiler – Char broil grill – Commercial dishwasher

Kitchen for Rent CEC Research Cranford NJ

Want to Cook It Here?

Click here to visit CEC Research’s kitchen listing on the Cook It Here website. There, you will find additional information about the kitchen as well as contact information

You can also visit their website at http://cecresearch.com/our-facilities/

Mass Production – The Next Steps Towards Converting Your Hobby Into A Business!


Food ProcessingYour passion for food has led you to produce your very own culinary creation. Friends and relatives have been asking if you’ve packaged your product for sale. They want to buy it! You’ve perfected your recipe, tested it to make sure it’s safe, test marketed your product, and already have customers!

What do you do now?

You are now facing the common bottle necks of all those whose have reached this level. How do I mass produce my product? How do I price my product? How do I get into retail stores?

You need to decide on a budget, and how/where will your customers purchase your product.

In order to mass produce your product, the most efficient and least expensive way is to use a contract packaging company. You can always decide on starting your own factory when your product is proven in the real world marketplace (where consumers must choose and pick your product off the shelf, among many others, without personal promotion).  Interview and choose a co-packer that you feel will meet your needs and that you feel comfortable working with. Ask about their minimum orders, how they will make your product, test runs, and quality control.  Make sure you get a non-disclosure agreement signed.  Manufacturing your product exactly according to your specifications is most important, and is a matter of trust. So choose your manufacturer wisely.

First Commercial Kitchen LLC

Peter Kam, Food Technologist/Entrepreneur
First Commercial Kitchen LLC – “commercializing your favorite recipes….for pleasure, profit, and posterity.”

We are your one-stop-shop that can take your recipes all the way to finished products!
firstcommercialkitchenllc.com – Since 1982

Featured Kitchen: AMG Hospitality

If you’re looking for place to cook in Prince George’s County, Maryland, check out AMG Hospitality, located at 14207 Old Annapolis Road in Bowie.

AMG Hospitality Kitchen 1

AMG Hospitality is a shared-use food preparation kitchen for food industry entrepreneurs. This culinary facility is state certified and equipped with commercial-grade equipment for food preparation, cooking demonstrations and educational training.

AMG Hospitality is an ideal commercial facility for use by:

  • Caterers
  • Chefs
  • Bakers
  • Food truck operators
  • Culinary class instructors
  • Special event vendors
  • Entrepreneurs starting a small-scale food business

AMG Hospitality Kitchen 2

“The facility contains commercial-grade equipment chosen for their versatility and to meet a wide range of culinary needs. Whether you’re prepping, mixing, baking, cooking, or decorating, you’ll be provided with the necessary equipment to complete your culinary task in one spacious and convenient location.”

(Source: amghospitality.us)

Kitchen features include:

  • 3 Compartment Sink/Pot Dish Sink
  • 6 Burner Range w/ Oven
  • Charbroiler/Grill
  • Convection Oven
  • Griddle/Flat Top
  • Prep Sink/Service Sink
  • Stainless Steel Table/Prep Table
  • Walk-In Freezer
  • Walk-In Refrigerator

AMG Hospitality Kitchen 3

The facility can be rented for a nominal hourly fee and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Want to Cook It Here?

Click here to visit the AMG Hospitality kitchen listing on the Cook It Here website. There, you will find additional information about the kitchen as well as contact information.

You can also visit their website at www.amghospitality.us.

Featured Kitchen: Kitchen Local

Kitchen Local LogoIf you’re looking for a place to cook on the Northshore/Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts or southeast New Hampshire, we highly recommend checking out Kitchen Local!

This state-of-the-art commercial kitchen is located at 14 Cedar Street in Amesbury, Massachusetts, in a historic brick building only a few blocks away from Downtown Amesbury. It is conveniently located to Routes 95 and 495.

Kitchen Local is a 1,200 square foot, full-service commercial kitchen. There are two complete kitchen stations that can be rented separately or as one full kitchen.

Kitchen Local 1

The facility is equipped with top-of-the-line commercial equipment, including:

Catering Kitchen

  • 2 Stainless Steel Work Tables
  • Portioning Table
  • 24-Quart Tilt Steam Kettle
  • 6-Burner Stove
  • Double Gas Oven with Griddle
  • Hand Sink

Baking Kitchen

  • 2 Stainless Steel Work Tables
  • Stainless Steel Portioning Table
  • 30-quart Hobart Floor Mixer
  • Double Electric Convection Oven
  • Proofing Oven
  • Table-top Induction Range
  • Cutting Boards
  • Hand Sink

Additional Equipment

  • Walk-In Refrigerator
  • Reach-In Freezer
  • Robot Coupe
  • Food Processor
  • Microwave
  • Speed Racks
  • 3-Compartment Sink
  • Utility Cart
  • Mop Sink
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Cutting Boards
  • Sheet Pans
  • Assorted Stock Pots
  • Sauté/Roasting Pans

Kitchen Local 2

“Kitchen Local fills a niche for culinary professionals and provides around-the-clock access to an affordable, modern, convenient and permitted kitchen workspace. By using Kitchen Local, you can launch or expand your business immediately without a large initial capital investment.”

(Source: www.kitchenlocal.com)

Whether you’re a chef, baker, food producer, farmer, nutrition instructor or any other food professional – this kitchen is for you. Kitchen Local is perfect for food production, catering, baking, cooking classes, menu planning, training, recipe testing, product development and more!

For years, I have experienced and appreciated the value of shared-use commercial kitchens. Knowing there was a burgeoning food industry here on the North Shore, but a shortage of commercial kitchen workspace to support that industry, I realized the direction I wanted to take.”

– Lisa Sutton, Founder and Owner of Kitchen Local (Source: www.kitchenlocal.com)

For more information about Kitchen Local, visit www.kitchenlocal.com.

Want to Cook It Here? You can contact the kitchen directly at lisa@kitchenlocal.com or (978) 204-3197 or through the Cook It Here website by clicking here.

Questions? Check out the Kitchen Local FAQs here.

Choose the Right Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System For You

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Extraction Canopy.

A quality ventilation system is undoubtedly one of the most important things to have in any commercial kitchen. A commercial kitchen without a ventilation system in place is not only unsafe, but illegal – and if you choose a ventilation system ill-suited to your commercial kitchen, you may as well have not invested in one at all. If unsure, seek professional guidance from commercial kitchen ventilation experts like Extraction Canopy. Their professional guidance will help you determine which of their many ventilation and extraction systems is right for your kitchen.

Standard Extraction Canopy

A standard commercial kitchen extraction canopy completes the simple task of extracting impure air and returning clean air to a commercial kitchen environment. The greater the depth of a commercial canopy, the more unclean air it can filter – so a commercial kitchen using only electrical equipment would only need a canopy around 1000mm, whilst kitchens using a range of gas, electrical and steaming equipment would need something closer to 1500mm in depth.

Island Canopy

Island canopies tend to be mounted on the ceiling, covering a number of cookers, fryers, ovens and other pieces of kitchen equipment standing in the middle of a room – hence the term ‘island’ canopy. They are usually very large but can be made to measure.

Condense Canopy Hood

These canopies are mainly installed over equipment which produces steam in, such as dishwashers, boilers or sinks. The large stainless steel surface area of box-style canopies allows them to collect steam, which turns back into liquid when coming into contact with the metal and is then emptied through a drainage tap attached to the canopy.

Ductless Kitchen Canopy

Where it is impossible to vent air outdoors, a ductless hood is a worthy substitute for commercial kitchens using light to medium duty electric catering equipment. This commercial ventilation system filters air through four different stages before returning it back into the kitchen environment.

Extraction Canopy with Fan

Extraction systems can be supplied with internal or external fans, the speed of which can be modified to regulate heat levels and save energy.

The many different types of commercial kitchen ventilation systems, coupled with the fact that Extraction Canopy allow customers to customize and design their own canopy systems ensures you’ll find the correct ventilation system for your business.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Extraction Canopy. Cook It Here received compensation from Extraction Canopy in exchange for writing this blog post.

Featured Kitchen: TNI Kitchen

We are excited to introduce you to one of our newest kitchen listings on Cook It Here, the TNI Kitchen.
This amazing cooking space is located in Tarzana, California at 5577 Reseda Blvd.

TNI interior view 2

The TNI Kitchen is a retail restaurant space that is great for:

  • Training – Come in and work on your skills or teach others.
  • Catering – Is your catering company looking for a place to cook? This large kitchen space will meet all of your cooking needs.
  • Product Exploration and Development – Come test out new recipes in a real retail restaurant environment.
  • Product Presentations – This retail restaurant space is perfect for presenting your new ideas to others.
  • Cooking Classes – Looking to teach others about your art? The TNI Kitchen includes all of the space and equipment you’ll need to teach a cooking class.

TNI Kitchen Interior 

At only $35/hour, the possibilities are endless at this state-of-the-art kitchen.

Kitchen equipment includes: TNI Kitchen

  • 4 top burner
  • Oven
  • Grill (broiler)
  • Sandwich prep fridges
  • Thermaliser
  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Work Benches
  • Vitamix Blender
  • Meat Slicer
  • Proofer
  • Meat Grinder
  • Tabletop Stand Mixer
  • Immersion Blender

Click below to view the layout of this 1,024 sq. ft. kitchen:
TNI Kitchen Layout

Want to “Cook It Here?”

Whether you’re simply looking for a kitchen to cook in, or looking for a space to try out new products or teach a class, the TNI Kitchen is the perfect place for you.

You can rent the kitchen for $35 per hour (minimum of four hours) or $250 per day.

You can find more information about the TNI Kitchen as well as contact information through the Cook It Here website by clicking here.

About the Company:

The Next Idea, an international hospitality and restaurant consulting group, created the TNI Kitchen. They specialize in food, food service operations, restaurants, cafes, leisure and entertainment services.The Next Idea

The Next Idea works across the world, specializing in concept creation, development and management – everything from research, strategy, brand and product development, franchising, through to design, execution, systems and operations, and communication.

“We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by always beginning with the end user. The customer experience, the employee training experience, and the brand experience are given the upmost priority when we approach a project,” says Robert Ancill, CEO.

Click here to find out more about The Next Idea.

Featured Kitchen: A and J Commissary

A and J Commissary LogoThis month, we would like to introduce you to one of our most popular kitchens, the A and J Commissary located at 3201 4th Avenue S. in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

This fully furnished kitchen in the heart of Seattle includes 3,500 sq. ft. of new appliances, food prep stations, and walk-in cooler and freezer. It is available for rent 24 hours a day.

“We are confident that you will find it to be the finest in the city and that it offers all the amenities to make your culinary business a success,” says Ralph Murray, owner of A and J Commissary.

A and J Commissary Kitchen 1

(Pictured above: flexible cooking station, 6 top gas range, double-stack convection gas oven, tilting/braising skillet, shared large 2 compartment food prep sink, hand wash sink)

There are three kitchen areas available for rent offering state-of-the-art appliances, equipment, storage and prep areas. Whether you are starting a new culinary business or looking to expand your brand, this professional kitchen is the place for you.

The A and J Commissary commercial kitchen features include:

  • Four gas ranges with cook top surfaces, gas ovens, griddle and char broiler
  • Three imperial convection double stack ovens
  • 30 gallon tilting skillet/braising pan
  • 40 gallon tilting gas kettle for soups/sauces
  • Commercial 80 quart mixer
  • And much more!

A and J Commissary Kitchen 2

(Pictured above: baking station with dough table, double stack convection gas oven, combination gas range with 2 top burner/flat top griddle, 80 qt. mixer, hand wash sink)

The facility is open 24 hours a day and you can be assured that you’ll be working in a clean, efficient and secure location with 24-hour security cameras.

“We found that Seattle was woefully in need of a new state of the art, efficient and reliable commercial kitchen that would serve the growing number of start-up entrepreneurs that are part of a newly invigorated and expanding Seattle food scene. We think you’ll find A and J Commissary to be the finest commercial kitchen in Seattle and we look forward to being an important part of your successful culinary business.”

(Source: www.ajcommissary.com)

A and J Commissary Kitchen 4 A and J Commissary Kitchen 5

(Pictured above: well lit and spacious kitchen featuring ample stainless steel prep tables throughout, walk in freezer and walk in cooler)

To start using the kitchen, chefs will need to:

  1. Sign a user agreement with the kitchen
  2. Provide copies of business license, food business permit & food handlers card
  3. Provide proof of liability insurance with A & J commissary listed

Click here to read more Kitchen FAQs.

A and J Commissary Kitchen 3

(Pictured above: flexible cooking station, 6 top gas range, double stack convection gas oven, 40 gallon gas tilting kettle, shared large 2 compartment food prep sink)

We are excited to be part of the vibrant and growing catering, food truck, and specialty foods production community.”

(Source: www.ajcommissary.com)

For more information on the A and J Commissary, including complete list of resources, please visit http://ajcommissary.com. If you’re local, request to take a tour of the facility – we’re sure that you’ll love all of the amenities offered!

Chefs can also contact the kitchen directly through the Cook It Here website by clicking here.