Are you free next Saturday?

I’m sure we have all experienced it before. You are searching online, say for, oh I don’t know, a commercial kitchen to rent. You finally find a kitchen in your area after searching on Cook It Here, or heaven forbid, Google. Either way, you find the kitchen, you see some pictures, everything looks great. You find their contact information and you give them a call or send them an email inquiring about your particular date. You then come to find out that they are not available for that date. It’s frustrating. You wasted all that time finding a place, looking up their info, only to call and find out it isn’t going to work. So now you begin that process all over again. Well we couldn’t stand that happening anymore so we are happy to announce that now kitchen owners can publish their kitchen availability directly to our site. What this also allows us to do is let you search for your specific needs right from the start so you no longer have to waste any more time only to come up with nothing at the end. So how does it work?

Kitchen owners can now log into their kitchen accounts and signup to be a part of our premium membership. By doing this they can now not only tell you about their availability but you can also request that open time right from their listing. That will trigger an email to the kitchen owner right away to let them know of your interest in their kitchen. This gets the communication going a lot quicker and gets the process moving right away so you can go back to what you want to do. Also with this new release you can now upload documents to your profile so that if a kitchen requires certain information from you they can download it right from your profile page once you request time in their kitchen. This way there is no more back and forth about what is needed and verification of that information. Also the kitchen owner can now publish to their listing any documents or resources they want filled out so you can get access to them right away. We think this is really going to be a big help to both parties so we can bring everyone together quicker.