Choose the Right Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System For You

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A quality ventilation system is undoubtedly one of the most important things to have in any commercial kitchen. A commercial kitchen without a ventilation system in place is not only unsafe, but illegal – and if you choose a ventilation system ill-suited to your commercial kitchen, you may as well have not invested in one at all. If unsure, seek professional guidance from commercial kitchen ventilation experts like Extraction Canopy. Their professional guidance will help you determine which of their many ventilation and extraction systems is right for your kitchen.

Standard Extraction Canopy

A standard commercial kitchen extraction canopy completes the simple task of extracting impure air and returning clean air to a commercial kitchen environment. The greater the depth of a commercial canopy, the more unclean air it can filter – so a commercial kitchen using only electrical equipment would only need a canopy around 1000mm, whilst kitchens using a range of gas, electrical and steaming equipment would need something closer to 1500mm in depth.

Island Canopy

Island canopies tend to be mounted on the ceiling, covering a number of cookers, fryers, ovens and other pieces of kitchen equipment standing in the middle of a room – hence the term ‘island’ canopy. They are usually very large but can be made to measure.

Condense Canopy Hood

These canopies are mainly installed over equipment which produces steam in, such as dishwashers, boilers or sinks. The large stainless steel surface area of box-style canopies allows them to collect steam, which turns back into liquid when coming into contact with the metal and is then emptied through a drainage tap attached to the canopy.

Ductless Kitchen Canopy

Where it is impossible to vent air outdoors, a ductless hood is a worthy substitute for commercial kitchens using light to medium duty electric catering equipment. This commercial ventilation system filters air through four different stages before returning it back into the kitchen environment.

Extraction Canopy with Fan

Extraction systems can be supplied with internal or external fans, the speed of which can be modified to regulate heat levels and save energy.

The many different types of commercial kitchen ventilation systems, coupled with the fact that Extraction Canopy allow customers to customize and design their own canopy systems ensures you’ll find the correct ventilation system for your business.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Extraction Canopy. Cook It Here received compensation from Extraction Canopy in exchange for writing this blog post.

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