Featured Commercial Kitchen for Rent in Cranford, NJ

We would like to introduce you to CEC Research’s state-of-the-art kitchen facility located in Cranford, New Jersey at 16 Commerce Drive. This brand-new commercial kitchen is available to rent for daily use.

Commercial Kitchen for Rent Cranford NJ

Kitchen features include:

2 commercial refrigerators – 2 commercial freezers – 12 ft. hood – Quick disconnects for gas equipment – 50 outlets on their own circuit for microwaves, blenders, etc. – Commercial water purification system – Commercial ice maker – 3 compartment sink – Hand sink – 8 1200 watt microwaves – 2 Vulcan ovens with 6 burners each – Heavy duty deep fat fryer – Salandar broiler – Char broil grill – Commercial dishwasher

Kitchen for Rent CEC Research Cranford NJ

Want to Cook It Here?

Click here to visit CEC Research’s kitchen listing on the Cook It Here website. There, you will find additional information about the kitchen as well as contact information

You can also visit their website at http://cecresearch.com/our-facilities/


  1. I do events, football games, festivals , children’s outings often I need to cook different menus …. Can you tell me a little bit of how you rent out your kitchen, cost, etc,name and e mail below

    • Ashley Schwarz says:

      Hi Barry,

      Thank you for your comment! At Cook It Here, we are just the listing service – you will have to contact the kitchen directly for rental rates and more information.

      You can find out more about CEC Research as well as contact information on their website, here: http://www.cecresearch.com/services/test-kitchen/

      Thanks for visiting Cook It Here!

      – Ashley
      Cook It Here Team

  2. The ice maker must be small or it’s hidden around the corner on that last, lower right photo. For a kitchen that size I am guessing the Hoshizaki DKM-500BAH — produces about 500 pounds per day and it’s slender so you can hide it in a corner.

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